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5 Extraordinary Tips To Make Your Day Productive During The Economic Downturn

The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world has made lots of people stay indoors. This is to avoid being infected with the virus. The virus started from China and has affected so many activities including the economy of people across the world. That is why there’s a call for people to stay at home to avoid the massive spread of the virus.

5 Extraordinary Tips To Make Your Day Productive During The Economic Downturn

However, to stay at home doing nothing on a daily basis can be so boring. This might make you wonder on what to do to be productive in the lockdown season. That is why you need this article. It will be unveiling 5 extraordinary tips to make your day productive during the economic downturn.

5 Extraordinary Tips To Make Your Day Productive During The Economic Downturn

5 tips to make you productive during the downturn season according to afterschoolafrica are as follows

  • Engage in online courses
  • Learn languages online
  • Apply for scholarship opportunities
  • Professional courses
  • Create and complete your resumes

TIP 1: Engage in online courses

Instead of doing nothing at home, you can keep your self busy by engaging in online studies. There are lots of courses available online to upgrade your knowledge. You can visit any of the prestigious learning sites like Coursera,, Udemy, Udacity, Khan Academy, Bloc, etc.

Tip 2: Learn Languages Online

You can take advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to learn other languages. A language is a tool which connects you with people of different cultures and tradition across the globe. If you’re the type that dreams of visiting several parts of the world, this is a very big opportunity to learn their language (s). Just like the English language. The French language is another most sought after, due to lots of opportunities open to bilingual people domestically and internally.

Learning more languages gives you a higher opportunity to secure a job. Which makes it an exceptional quality of you. You can learn languages by visiting websites like Duolingo, Babbel, Open culture, Busuu, learn a language and mango languages.

Tip 3: Apply For Scholarship Opportunities

There are a good number of scholarship awards available on the internet for international students. This is to help students from different parts of the world to study overseas. Some of these scholarship awards are funded by the government, universities, including independent organizations.

There are different types of scholarship awards, merit-based, Need-based, student-specific, subject-specific, university-specific and unusual scholarships. To learn more about scholarships available for international students go to afterschoolafrica page.

Tip 4: Go For Professional Courses

So many people have switched learning professional courses online. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, instead of whiling away your time at home, you can use the opportunity to improve your career.

However, there are lots of sites offering professional courses. This will also help you boost your qualification and CV. Some of the professional courses are finance, programming, public health, marketing and more.

Tip 5: Create And Complete Your Resume

This lockdown season is the best time to learn how to improve your resume. Maybe before the lockdown, you don’t have the time to write your resume, this is a great opportunity to tidy it up. Because it plays a very big role in job hunting. You can get lots of materials online, to learn how to write professional resumes, so that when an opportunity comes your resume will be ready.

Other Things To Do During Economic Downturn

Apart from the above tips on what to do while at home, there are other several things you can do. According to Topuniversities, they include

  • Start a reading challenge
  • Join an online choir
  • Home workout
  • Boost your pub quiz knowledge
  • Learn how to cook
  • Learn a craft.
  • Watch documentaries
  • Start an online book club
  • Join an online choir
  • Learn sign language
  • Organize your notes etc.

These are tips on how to keep yourself busy and productive in the economic downturn. I believe with the piece you will enjoy your stay at home and say bye to boredom.

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