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5G Alone Won’t Be Enough To Justify Buying An iPhone This Year

5G Alone Won’t Be Enough To Justify Buying An iPhone This Year. According to The Verge, Apple will announce this year’s new iPhones. We’re are expecting four the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, and a smaller one that might be called the iPhone 12 mini. However, Apple’s invitation for its Tuesday event includes the catchphrase “Hi, Speed.”

5G Alone Won’t Be Enough To Justify Buying An iPhone This Year

So, if you want to buy a new iPhone this year, here is a piece of advice “ don’t buy one just because it has a 5G network.” The issue with 5G is that it’s not good yet. US-wide test of 5G speeds, PC Mag found them lacking.  Thus in lots of cases, 5G speeds were actually slower than 4G speeds. And the study also discovered that other hyped up the reason for 5G, low latency, also isn’t here yet.

Judging with the experience using 5G on T-Mobile in the Bay area. When it’s faster, it is only nominally different. Thus, it is often slower and just as often it seems to have a sharper dropoff to no data at all than the 4G LTE.

The reason for the latency and speed problems comes down to some complicated spectrum limitations. Meaning that in the future the carriers will be able to unlock faster speeds for 5G, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

5G Alone Won’t Be Enough To Justify Buying An iPhone

There are two different types of 5G for phones, each operates in different parts of the radio spectrum. The sub-6 5G that’s similar to LTE one how it can travel longer distances and penetrate buildings. While the mmWave 5G, which is what Verizon has been deploying so far. It provides fast speeds, but only if you can find it.

Verizon’s 5G is so difficult to find and use that I’m legitimately baffled as to why anyone would want to spend the extra money to build it into a phone. Last few years there’s a growth of the 5G hype industrial complex. US carriers, phone manufacturers, and Qualcomm have all collaborated to drive a huge cycle of hype for 5G. They promised streaming games, self-driving cars, telemedicine, and rural broadband for all. Thus, some of those promises will come to pass, but the plain trust is the networks aren’t anywhere close to ready, and these 5G phones are the clearest evidence of the gap between reality and hype.

When reviewing a phone “don’t buy something today in the hopes of future updates making it better.” Often this advice applies to software because lots of promises that bugs will be truly addressed come to nothing.

The mobile phone’s upgrade cycles are slowing. A lot of people are keeping their phones for longer. It simply means that phones are good enough to last multiple years, it means there would be less waste, and it saves consumers money. However, given a time span of a few more years, getting a 5G phone could make sense, even if it’s not yet something to seek out.

Getting a 5G phone this year is insurance against the future more than it’s an immediate benefit today.  There are upgrades that are big enough to push an upgrade cycle even if you weren’t planning on it. But 5G is not that kind of upgrade this year, though there’s nothing wrong to have if you were planning on upgrading anyway. Taking it back to the new iPhones, Apple is going to become part of that 5G hype industrial complex.

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