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Apple Will Now Give Customers an Entire Year to Buy Extended Warranty for Products

Apple Will Now Give Customers an Entire Year T Buy Extended Warranty for Products. Apple is a popular technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California. According to Wikipedia the company designs, develop and sell consumer electronics, computer software and online services. And was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. The motive was to develop and sell Wozniak’s Apple l personal computer, though Wayne sold his share back within 12 days.

Apple Will Now Give Customers an Entire Year to Buy Extended Warranty for Products

The company has both hardware and software products. It also offers diverse online services. You will get the list and details of their products in this article. But currently I would want to go into the major purpose of this article which based on “Apple statement of giving customers an entire year to buy extended warranty for products.” To get the full detail, go through the section below.

Apple Will Now Give Customers An Entire Year To Buy Extended Warranty For Products

According to The Verge Apple is yet again making changes to the window of time customers have to buy it’s AppleCare+ extension warranty for the iPhone, Mac, iPad and other products. According to Bloomberg, the company has stretched the eligiblity for AppleCare+ to an entire year after the purchase of the device you’re covering. The staffs, that is the customer staff and retail staff were also informed of the change on Monday, though there’s no update yet, on the Apple’s website.

Mac buyers used to have a year-long window to make a decision about buying Apple’s extended warranty, but when the company included accidental damage coverage to the plans, that timeframe tighten to 60 days. Thus, the company has gone back and forth on how long iPhone customers have, alternatively between a year and the current 60 days more than once. Therefore, if customers didn’t get the extended warranty with their iPhone 11 last September, they now have a fresh opportunity to lengthen coverage. And also, repairs are much more cheaper when you’ve got AppleCare+.

MaxRumors reported last year “ some apple store had already been trailing the extended timeframe for buying AppleCare+”.

When you purchase up front AppleCare+ gives one additional year warranty coverage for iPhones and iPads, two extra years for Mac, plus covers accidental damage. (There’s always a deductible for physical damage regardless of products.

AppleCare+ Available On products

However, the AppleCare+ service is available for the following devices, Apple watch, Airpods & Beats headphones, HomePod, the Pro display XDR, and iPod touch. According to Apple “ the covid-19 pandemic has affected AppleCare+ negatively, demands as consumers rethink their spending during an economic downturn” giving them more time could help further boot the company’s services business.

However, if you’re buying AppleCare+ for a device you own already, you’ll need to screen it either at Apple store or through a diagnostics test if you order over the phone.

List of Apple Products

Apple company has lots of products including hardware and software products. The hardware products are as follows

  • iPad tablet computer.
  • iPhone.
  • Mac.
  • iPod.
  • The Apple watch.
  • Apple TV.
  • Airpods.
  • HomePod.

The software products includes

  • macOS.
  • iOS.
  • iPadOS.
  • WatchOS.
  • tvOS.
  • iTunes.
  • Safari.
  • iWork etc.

The above are list of the Apple products. For more details of the products, visit their official website.

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