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EndSars Tweet Activity: Latest News of EndSars on Twitter

EndSars Tweet Activity began after a video on police brutality surfaced online. How did the Endsars protest start? According to Wikipedia, On October 3, 2020, a video appeared on social media showing a SARS police officer shoot a young Nigerian in front of Wetland Hotel, Ughelli, Delta State.

EndSars Tweet Activity

It was alleged that the police SARS officers took away the young man’s car, a Lexus SUV. This led to the outcry on social media, especially on Twitter with the hashtag #EndSars.

The nationwide protest on Endsars began after weeks of outcry and anger with the videos and pictures showing police brutality, extortion, and harassment in Nigeria. Thus, the protests were led predominantly by Nigerian youth across the 36 states with celebrities. Though the protests were disrupted in some cities by the Nigerian police, throwing teargas and shooting at unarmed protesters

Twitter has created an emoji for the #EndSars ongoing protest in Nigeria. It was noticed that an emoji of a tight fist now comes with the Endsars hashtag. And Nigerians have been showering praises on the Twitter manager.

EndSars Tweet Activity

According to Punchng, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has expressed his support for the Endsars protests rocking the nation. He retweeted links for donations through his handle @Jack. He tweeted “ #EndSars. Flag of Nigeria.”

Jack also retweeted several articles that were favorable to the protests. He shared a tweet by a feminist group fighting against police brutality through peaceful protests.

Seeing the support of the Twitter manager to the protesters, Adamu Garba member of the ruling party APC, criticized him.

Adamu Garba threatened to sue Jack if the protests continue to escalate.

“Dear @Jack. It’ll do you a lot good if you stay away from Nigerian politics. You should know that the so-called #endsars protest has transformed into political agitation, capable of breaking law & order in our country. You should not be a moral and financial sponsor to this. He added “ this is Nigeria, most of the demands initially presented were attended to by the responsible authorities. Sars no longer exists in this country. Your support for a disbanded entity was a needless interference. We cannot allow killings again in this country in the name of protests.”

“I understand that this may play well to your business, but to us is about life, peace and security of our country, we cannot allow you to be part of the people sponsoring disorder. We need peace and prosperity. I can see you’re sharing a link for people to donate money for this protest, an event capable of escalation beyond our already overstretched security management. If this protest continues to evolve into disorder as a Nigerian citizen, we’ll meet in court.”

So many people lambasted Adamu for his tweet, insisting he is lucky that Jack allowed him to continue to use the platform. However, the word Adamu and Jack tweet have been trending on Twitter.

What Is Sars?

SARS is the short word for Special Anti Robbery Squad. It is a squad created within the Nigerian police. A few weeks ago youths from different parts of the country came out in mass to protest against police brutality and asked the government to scrap them.

Sars officers have been accused of committing extrajudicial killings and torture. This led to the ongoing protest across the country.

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