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Epic used its Playbook for Fortnite Events Against Apple and Google

Epic used its playbook for Fortnite events against Apple and Google. The game company Epic is having grievances with both Apple and Google. This has to lead to a public show of its anger and it is believed it has to do with monopolistic app store policies. From the look of events happening and reactions from Epic Games, it seems they were ready for the fight ahead of time.

Epic used its Playbook for Fortnite Events Against Apple and Google

However, this can be seen in their numerous in-game events such as a giant rolling cube and a volcano eruption. This made the studio uses tactics program to hype the events in its disputes involving the two tech’s giants companies.

Epic used its playbook for Fortnite events against Apple and Google

For those that have not seen one of the Fornite events, they are quite enormous in scope. The previous summer, a towering robot, and a giant Kaiju monster fought in a cross-island showdown. By June, a mysterious device teleported players between realities and eventually turned the ever-threatening storm.

However, the most popular one pushes the entire game’s world into a dark hole for nearly two days. As reported by Epic, millions of people tune in during the first Travis Scott Fortnite concert in April had more than 12 million attendees.

Epic Made The Events Easier To  Watch

The events shown has always been very exciting, but they weren’t always easy to watch. For some of Fortnite’s first events, such as a rocket launch in June 2018, other players could kill you while you were trying to watch the spectacle. But recently, Epic has activated a special mode just for events, they advise players to join early and turns off shooting while the show is taking place.

And the new violence-free Party Royale mode has given Epic the opportunity to try out events on a different kind of scale, such as Full Concerts, Christopher Nolan movies, and Viewings of the show We The People.

Epic fully puts a lot of effort into hyping events by posting notices in-game and on social media to let players know that something is coming. And when the events do happen, they kick off at the exact same time for every one of Fornite’s millions of players on every platform Fortnite runs on (which includes the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and for now iOS and Android).

That time spent mastering its marketing for in-game events all led up to last week. Epic used everything it knows about how to get millions of people to show up to its events to pull off Fortnite’s biggest event yet a showdown with Apple and Google.

It all began when Epic makes a publication a blog post on Thursday morning, announcing about an upcoming 20 percent price drop on its V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game virtual currency that was immediately available on every platform. For mobile players, though, there was a slight difference. Epic allowed you to buy V-Bucks at the new cheaper rate by going through its own payments system, or you could use Apple and Google’s payment systems to get them at a higher price. That direct payment system was in violation of app store policies on both mobile platforms.

Immediately Apple Banned ‘Fortnite,’ Epic Tweeted About Its Parody Of The  ‘1984’ AD

On August 13th, in the afternoon Apple banned Fornite. However Just some minutes later Epic publicly announced on Twitter a new “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite” short that clearly looked to parody Apple’s famous “1984” ad, which it said would be premiering in-game at 4 PM ET in Party Royale. After Twenty-nine minutes after its announcement, Epic announced it was suing Apple and linked directly to the legal papers on twitter from the main Fortnite Twitter account, which has more than 11 million followers.

The timing of the video and the lawsuit shows that Epic had been preparing for this exact moment. And the fact that the short would premiere in Party Royale meant that there shouldn’t be any way for players to be killed while watching it. Epic made sure players were aware of the short, too. To get the full article on this topic Epic used its playbook for Fortnite events against Apple and Google. Visit this link.

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