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Google Announces New Tools To Help with Virtual Education During the Pandemic

Google the gains of technology in the world is on it again. On Tuesday Google Announces New Tools To Help with Virtual Education During the Pandemic. In this season of a virus outbreak and initial lock down one of the sectors that suffered the most was the education sector.

Google Announces New Tools To Help with Virtual Education During the Pandemic

However, now that activities are beginning to get back to normal although not really that full. It is very important to put things in order to ensure that our children don’t lose out entirely. Moreover, others have been using zoom during this pandemic, and now Google is announcing its own turn. Keep reading the article to get the full gist.

Google Announces New Tools To Help with Virtual Education During the Pandemic

Google on Tuesday announced of bring up new features to help make virtual education easier. This includes updates on its Google Meet conferencing app and some few homework helper tools that need a photo from a phone.

As reported by TheVerge, the Google Meet according to Google, says that the larger tiled view that can allow up to 49 meeting participants. Google announced earlier in June will now function in September. Google first spoke about the tiled view for Meet in April having the ability to allow up to 16 people at a time. So, now increasing to 49 participants at once will make the Meet gallery view on par with Zoom.

Also, Google will bring its digital whiteboard product, Jamboard, into Meet in September as well. In October Google will add the ability to blur your screen or replace your background in Meet. This is also, one of the features Google announced in June.

Google New Tools for Virtual Education

The new tools for virtual education by Google is using its Google Meet and homework helper tool. The G Suite Enterprise for Education by October will design a breakout room in Meet. This will enable virtual classes to divide into smaller unit discussions. In October too, teachers will be able to track attendance in Meet meetings.

However, to help Meet Moderators and Educators on the G Suite Enterprise for Education tier manage classes more with ease, Google has announced when they will be launched new moderation controls. Still in this month, moderators will be able to stop people from joining meetings after they have been removed from entering two times. This will help in preventing people from nefariously disrupting classes.

In September, Google will allow moderators to end a Meet class for everyone at the same time. Other, features like bulk approve or reject requests to join a class, turn off in-meeting chat, turn on a setting that won’t start a meeting until the teacher has joined and restricted who can present in a class.

Non Google Meet Updates

The updates on Non-Google Meet has announced by Google is a new tool that will help students learn using their phones for example, students can now visualize nearly 100 concepts in Chemistry, biology, and other STEM topics when they search for them on Google. As a report by And looking at the model of the concept in augmented reality on Android and iOS devices. Google will allow students to get help with homework problems by just taking a photo of the homework using Google Lens or Google-owned education app Socratic.

To read more on educational updates by Google announced on Tuesday, check the Google roundup at to-school-2020

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