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Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Hearing Faces Delay

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Hearing Faces Delay. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple are tech giants. According to the New York Times, these tech giants will appear together at a congregational hearing on Wednesday to argue that their companies do not stifle competition. After lawmakers collected hundreds of hours of interviews and obtained more than 1.3 million documents about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook. Their CEOs will testify before Congress on Wednesday to defend their powerful businesses from the hammer of government- Washington.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Hearing Faces Delay

The captains of the new Gilded Age include Mark Zuckerberg of FB, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple, and Sunder Pichai of Google. They will appear together in Congress for the first time to justify their business practices. Members of the house judiciary antitrust subcommittee have investigated these tech Platforms for over a year now on an accusation that they stifled rivals and harm customers.

However, the hearing is the government’s most aggressive show against tech power since the pursuit to break up Microsoft two decades ago. It is set to be a bizarre spectacle, with 4 men who run companies worth a total of around $4.85 trillion and who include two of the world’s richest individuals, primed to argue that their business is not that powerful after all.

The tech giant CEOs will be testifying on videoconference, rather than rising side by side for a swearing-in at a witness table in Washington. Perhaps the reckoning will online broadcast.

Gigi Sohn, a former senior adviser at the Federal Communications Commission and a fellow at Georgetown University’s law school, referring to the 1994 congregational appearance of top executives of the seven largest American tobacco companies, who said they did not believe that cigarettes were addictive.

The hearing will be closely watched for clues that could advance other antitrust cases against the companies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing to depose Mark Zuckerberg and other FB executives in its 13-month probe of the social network. The Justice Department may soon unveil a case against Google and an investigation into Apple by state attorney general also appears to be advancing.

Preparations for the hearing have been frenetic, even with the event postponed by a few days this week to accommodate the commemoration of Representative John Lewis, as tech lobbyists behind the scenes to influence the type of questions lawmakers might ask.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple Hearing Faces Delay

According to BBC a showdown between the US government and the four big tech giants is set to be postponed. The meeting was due to examine whether the tech firms were too powerful.

The hearing was because of the question of the firm’s dominance in their fields of e-retail, search, social media, and smartphone software.

Further, it is expected to be postponed to allow the politicians to attend a service for the deceased civil rights activists and congressman John Lewis.

They are yet to confirm a new bay set out for the hearing. This development was first reported by Reuters and Protocol and then confirmed by the FT.

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