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Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India To Help Job Seekers

Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India To Help Job Seekers. Google is the world’s most popular search platform. According to Wikipedia, Google is a multinational technology company in America, that deals with internet-related services and products, such as online as technologies, cloud computing, search engine, etc. The platform was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in September 1998.

Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India To Help Job Seekers

On Wednesday, Google announced that it has launched a separate app for job seekers in India known as the “Kormo Jobs app”. The major objective of the app is to help people who’re jobless find Jobs, most especially people who lose their jobs due to the pandemic. The app was initially launched in 2018 in Indonesia.

Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India To Help Job Seekers

In accordance with India Today, it was aired on Wednesday by Google, that it has released a stand-alone app, called “Kormo Jobs” for job finders in India. This is to provide jobs to thousands of people who lost their jobs because of the ongoing COVID-19 and younger ones looking for jobs. It aims at providing entry-level jobs to users.

However, the search giant had launched the Kormo jobs app in Indonesia and Bangladesh in 2018. It is currently announcing the launch in India. Google said in its blog “ Encouraged by this momentum and to lend support to employment efforts in a post-pandemic world. We are bringing our Kormo Jobs Android app to India to help even more job seekers discover and apply for jobs across India with an extra gateway.”.

Google revealed in its blog, that since the platform was launched company like Dunzo and Zomato had posted more than 2 million jobs on the platform. The app is available for Android users and can be downloaded from the play store.

How Kormo App Works

“Employers can use the Kormo app as a means to hire job seekers. It takes a few minutes to set up your profile and get a nice digital CV that you can share, print, or apply directly to jobs listed on the app. Thus, if you take your time to type in your background, experiences and interest, then Google will match you to relevant jobs.

However, the more you use the app, the better it gets at knowing your skills, expertise, and interest. It will also recommend areas for you to grow, and give you tools that will help you to upgrade your career,” according to the app description on the Google play store.

Kormo App Features

Here are the basic features of the Kormo Jobs App

  • It offers fresh jobs from verified employers
  • It comes with real-time tracking and fast updates on job applications.
  • Offers easy interview scheduling directly through the app
  • It offers new skilling content to help you learn and earn more.
  • There’s a free digital resume that’s yours to share or download as a CV.
  • The platform offer jobs such as retail sales associate, warehouse operations, customer service and delivery.

These are features of the application.

Kormo App Download

To get the app on your Android device do the following

  • Launch the Google play store
  • In the search bar type in the app’s name and search.
  • Click on the app
  • Tap the install button
  • To launch the application, tap on the “Open” tab.

The steps above are procedures to download and install the app on your Android phone.

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