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Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Music Room

Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Music Room. Magenta is powered by Google’s open-source TensorFlow system. Which is part of the ongoing research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process? Thus other magenta projects have added the Piano Genie and NSynth.

Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Music Room

Piano Genie is an AI program that allows anyone to play the piano (think Guitar Hero). While the NSynth is a machine learning algorithm that makes use of a neural network to learn and create new sounds. The new magenta project was created by an intern. It lets users mix Lo-Fi and hip-hop music to build a customize music room.

Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Music Room

According to The Verge a new Google magenta project allows you to mix hip-hop, Lo-Fi music tracks to create a custom music room in your browser, without the need for any musical ability.

It is designed to use Google machine learning systems for the creation of art and music, and the Lo-Fi Player is a good example of it.

However, the player comes with a YouTube interactive stream, and its very ease using objects in your room. Users can share their rooms with others, or relax and enjoy it from the window.

Lo-Fi Player creator, Vibert Thio said in a blog “ when you open Lo-Fi Player, you’re taken to a pixelated virtual room, that contains different objects, click objects like a clock, cat, piano, For example in the room to change the different tracks, like the melody and bass line. Thus, the view outside the window relates to the background sound in the track. To change both the music and the visual, tap on the window.”

He also said that the team chose the format of a music generating room rather than a composition tool or musical instrument because it’s a popular genre, with a relatively simple music structure.

Magenta Lo-Fi Player Feature

Here are the features that come with the new magenta project.

Create your virtual room

With the player, you can easily set up your own music room. You can do that by combining hip-hop and Lo-Fi music tracks. It does not require any musical ability to create.


Users can customize with ease. You can try to tinker around using objects in the room to change the music beat in real-time. That is, creating your own kind of beat.

GitHub is the source. Vibert Thio said that they built a tutorial known as “play magenta” where users can edit sounds and canvas live in their browsers. He also added that Lo-Fi Player is not designed to replace human producers or the Lo-Fi hip-hop streams but to help people appreciate the art more.

Interactive YouTube Stream

According to Magenta there is a shared space for people to inhabit together in the same music room. So that Lo-Fi Player was transformed into an interactive YouTube stream that will leave running for a few weeks.

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