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How Can I Get Scholarship To Study In Canada From USA

How Can I Get Scholarship To Study In Canada From USA? According to anyone who wants to add to their professional resume, start a new life abroad, or prepare for a global market, studying in Canada can give them valuable opportunities.  CA welcomes lots of international students to study in their educational institutions yearly.

How Can I Get Scholarship To Study In Canada From USA

In accordance with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), CA is one of the leading countries for international students to study globally, with 642,000 students currently admitted to Canada’s top educational institutions.

The country also provides a special opportunity for US citizens who aspire to study in CA. For further information on this, read the next section.

 How Can I Get Scholarship To Study In Canada From USA

According to College CA offers a unique opportunity for citizens of the USA to study abroad. Since the two country shares the same boundary, it will be very easy to travel between the two countries. Due to the closeness of the US and CA, there won’t be issues for students to visit their family during breaks.

However, some parts of Canada are predominantly bilingual, the majority of its citizens speak English, eliminating any language barrier for Americans attending a Canadian university.

The two countries share a similar heritage and American students studying in CA will find many things that are familiar. This will be a great opportunity to expand their knowledge as they broaden their cultural horizons. We all know that studying in a foreign country including Canada can be expensive. But fortunately, there are unique scholarship programs for American college students who want to study in CA.

Scholarships And Fellowships Awards program For American College Students

The scholarship and fellowship awards is only available for American students with exceptional academic histories. Some programs are available for general study, most of them are subject-specific and will be available to students going for distinct fields of study only. Furthermore, research fellowship will be reserved for post-graduate and doctoral students whose research proposals coincide with work being done at a Canadian university or college.

List Of Scholarship And Fellowships Award Available

The following programs are available to American students who aspire to continue their education in CA.

University Of British Columbia: the university offers an international major entrance scholarship for exceptional foreign students going for an undergraduate program at the university.

Students who are qualified must be first-time attendees of UBC and must have a current Canadian study permit. Getting the award is based on your academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and intellectual promise. The total award amount is $28,000 CAD, which is to be divided over four years.

Humber College: it offers three renewable full-tuition scholarships for foreign students who have been admitted to the college.

The qualifications is based on academic achievement and community service. Also, applicants must submit letters of reference and a statement of their educational interests. The amount is $12,500 CAD.

University Of Waterflow: university of Waterflow provides a variety of scholarships for international graduate students under approved research leading to a master’s or doctoral degree.

To qualify for the award, you must be accepted in one of the university’s master’s or Ph.D. programs, and also have a current Canadian study permit.  For the master’s degree program, the awards range from $1690 CAD each term to $3380 CAD per term for students in a Ph.D. program.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: this scholarship program was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students to Canada. It is offered to exceptional international students going for their doctoral degree, or combined master’s/Ph.D., at a participating Canadian university.

Applicants must be nominated by a Canadian university and must be going for a first-time doctoral degree full-time at the nominating school. The scholarship award is $50,000 CAD yearly for three years.

The Helen Darkovich Memorial Doctoral Fellowship: the fellowship is administered by the University of Alberta. It it’s awarded yearly to an international student writing a dissertation on a Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Canadian topic as it relates to education, history, humanities, law or woman studies. The total amount of the fellowship award is $12,500 CAD.

How To Apply To Study In Canada

For you to study in CA whether as a scholarship student or not, you need to get a study permit. Visit the online portal of the university you want to apply for its Scholarships program and apply. You will have to fill the scholarship form with the required data or info. So if you are qualified for the scholarship award, you will be notified. Then you start making your travel arrangements. If you have not gotten a study permit you need to get it, because the study permit is what lets you stay in Canada legally for the duration of your study program.

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