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How To Get Rid Of That Irritating Meet Tab in Gmail For Android and iOS

Have you been asking How to get rid of that Irritating Meet tab in Gmail for Android and iOS? This is the question that almost every user of Gmail is seeking answers to. How to get rid of the Irritating, and annoying Meet tab off their Gmail app inbox. Just like other users of Gmail, I believe you are also feeling upset with the Meet Tab that is now popping up once you open your Gmail inbox.

How To Get Rid Of That Irritating Meet Tab in Gmail For Android and iOS

One may ask “what is the Meet all about? The Meet is one of the newest video conferencing meetings app introduced by Google. And now the Google Meet is being pushed into other apps, specifically Gmail. Well, this is why this article is timely, trust me you don’t have to worry anymore because I will show you how to take it off.

How To Get Rid Of That Irritating Meet Tab in Gmail For Android and iOS

From this article topic, it may look as if the app is totally bad. The answer is no. The Google Meet is a good videoconferencing platform. A lot of individuals have started using it already to communicate with their loved ones and relatives. However, now that this app is being added to Gmail accounts, it makes it Irritating and annoying. Reasons being that when it was added to the desktop Gmail app last spring it did not consume space and could be ignored or remove if one wishes. Now, Meet has been added to the mobile Gmail app through two tabs that show at the button of the screen. You will see one labeled “Mail” and another “Meet”.

The problem now is not only that users are being pushed to make use of a particular videoconferencing app. While all you wanted to do was simply check your email. The Irritating aspect is that it consumes space, expanding the bottom margin of the top of the app and giving you three fewer lines to work with. This information was provided according to TheVerge.

Google Meet App and Features

The Google Meet app is an app for videoconferencing for organizations and companies. It connect, colleagues, friends and family in a one time video. It’s secure and safe. You can create and join in a high-quality video meeting for groups and it takes up to 250 people.

Google Meet App Features

Here are the features of the Google Meet App:

  • You can host large meetings invite people up to 250 for such meetings even if they’re not I the same organization or team.
  • You can share your screen, present documents, slides and more during your conference call
  • Record for later use. This is used for upcoming events on your calendar. Record while at the meeting and get the recording file directly from Google Drive.
  • Participate in broadcast events. Organizations, schools, teams, businesses can view and present in live-streamed events that include up to 100,000 in-domain viewers.
  • The invite link can be easily accessible to any member to join in conversations

These are the few features of the Google Meet app. To download this app that works like zoom get to Google play store and your app store.

Steps To Get Rid Of Irritating Meet Tab in Gmail For Android and iOS

To get rid of the Google Meet tab in your Gmail both for Android and iOS follow these steps:

  • On your Gmail page
  • From the upper left side of the page, click on the three-line menu icon.
  • Scroll down and select the “Settings” widget
  • Choose the Gmail account you want to change
  • Scroll down to the “Meet” category and uncheck “Show the Meet Tab For video calling.”

Now you have successfully deactivated the Meet video conferencing and also retrieve back some space on your Gmail app.

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