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I Taught Myself 3D Fashion Using Google Search

I Taught Myself 3D Fashion Using Google Search. According to Fast Company, fashion week was canceled across the world due to the ongoing COVID-19. But the fashion star Anifa Mvuemba, who is the founder of the direct to consumer fashion label Hanifa, didn’t let the COVID-19 stop her from unveiling her latest collection. It was inspired by her homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I Taught Myself 3D Fashion Using Google Search

However, in May 2020, the Maryland resident held the world’s first virtual fashion show, which was streamed on Instagram Live to Hanifa’s quarter of a million followers. The garments appeared in 3D against a black backdrop, worn by invisible avatars strutting out on a catwalk like a parade of ghosts.

It was a beautiful, haunting sight that got the fashion world’s attention and generated over 2,000 preorders from customers.

She points out that “Technology is going to move forward with or without us” she said that innovation has enabled her to bypass the gatekeepers of the fashion establishment. She continued “ I’ve recently asked my team, why am I seeking validation from the fashion industry? We’ve been able to achieve so much within the last eight years and grown a loyal audience of black and other race women. We’ve been able to achieve all of this without them.”

The company (Hanifa) generated $1 million in revenue in 2019, and Mvuemba is currently planning to open her first brick and mortar store, in Washington DC.

I Taught Myself 3D Fashion Using Google Search

According to BBC, Fashion week is an instrumental part of the fashion industry, but because of the coronavirus, lots of brands had to cancel or postpone their shows.

However, Fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba was hoping to debut her collection at New York fashion week this year, but due to the coronavirus, she found a more innovative way to show the world her designs. She said she learned the 3D fashion using Google search.

What is 3D fashion? 3D printed fashion involves turning flexible material into clothing. 3D clothes can potentially be as revolutionary as the sewing machine.

According to The CUT Anifa started playing around with 3D tech while stuck inside during quarantine this past spring.

An idea struck into their mind ‘ what if she held a virtual fashion show in which she showed feminine, curve-friendly designs glided along on invisible models? She’d been working on her line Hanifa for eight years but had never held a runway show.’

She premiered the collection, called “Pink Label Congo” on Instagram Live in May. The runaway show featured ghostlike 3D figures strutting sinuously down the runway in the collection. However, the clothes moved and fit on the invisible model took the online universe by storm- it was breathtaking and innovative.

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