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Ibrahimovic Blast Sweden Couch For Leaving Kulusevksi Out Of Starting Side

Ibrahimovic Blast Sweden Couch For Leaving Kulusevksi Out Of Starting Side. Zlantan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a sticker for AC. Milan. According to Wikipedia, he was born in October 3, 1981. Ibrahimovic was known as one of the best strikers of his generation. He was also one of the most decorated active footballers in the world, having won 31 trophies in his career.

Ibrahimovic Blast Sweden Couch For Leaving Kulusevksi Out Of Starting Side

Zlatan started his career at Maimo FF in 1999 and was signed by Ajax two years later. After two years he left Ajax for Juventus before he joined domestic rivals Inter Milan in 2006. He moved to Barcelona in 2009 in one of the most expensive transfers, before returning to Italy the next season, joining Milan.

 Ibrahimovic Blast Sweden Couch For Leaving Kulusevksi Out Of Starting Side

According to The Union Journal, The AC Milan striker took to social media to voice his disappointment in the decision to give the Juventus winger 20 minutes against France. Zlatan slammed Sweden coach, Janne Andersson for his team selection in their 1-0 defeat to France on Saturday. He hits out to the coach’s decision to start Sabastian Larsson ahead of Juventus winger, Kulusevksi for the UEFA nations league encounter.

Dejan Kulusevksi replaced ALK star for the final 20 minutes and expressed his shock at not being named in the starting XI in a post-match interview.

Ibrahimovic Comment On Twitter

The day after Kulusevksi expressed himself in an interview, Ibrahimovic expressed his outrage on Twitter, which links to an article in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet with the following comment “ What a f*cking joke. Further proof. Incompetent people in the wrong positions that suffocate Swedish football.”

What Led To The Blast

According to Skysports, the midfielder Kulusevksi came on for a 20-minute cameo but said in a post-match interview that he was shocked he did not get to start.

It was Andersson’s surprised reaction to the criticism that provoked a strong response of Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic was Sweden’s record goalscorer. After scoring 62 goals in 116 games, he retired from international football following the exit of Sweden from Euro 2016.

However, when Kulusevksi was asked if he was given enough time to show what he could do, after coming to replace veteran Sebastian Larsson against France.

He said “ No, no, I don’t think so. I was shocked. It felt really, really good in training, but unfortunately, that’s how football is.”

Based on the statement made by Kulusevksi, Andersson said he was surprised at Kulusevksi’s reaction.

Anderson told reporters “I haven’t spoken to him afterward but if he has said it then it’s clearly his opinion, we’ll have to talk about it.” He continued “ I haven’t experienced him as being very shocked, he has done well in the training session, as have many others.”

He said it was likely that Kulusevksi would see more playing time when Sweden hosted Portugal in their next nations league game on Tuesday, in Stockholm.

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