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Listen To Bluetooth’s Low Power High Quality LC3 Codec Coming Soon To Headphones

Listen To Bluetooth’s Low Power High Quality LC3 Codec Coming Soon To Headphones. The industry in charge of defining the standard (Bluetooth SIG)  has released a new audio codec that promises to make wireless headphones more power-efficient as it improves sound quality. According to Wikipedia, The Bluetooth SIG ( Special Interest Group) is a standard organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of the Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers.

Listen To Bluetooth's Low Power High Quality LC3 Codec Coming Soon To Headphones

The corporation was founded in September 1998. Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. The group does not produce or sell Bluetooth enabled products. Members participate in study groups, expert groups, working groups along with committees.

Bluetooth technology provides a medium to exchange info between wireless devices such as PDAs, computers, printers, laptops, and digital cameras using a secure, low-cost, globally available short-range radio frequency band.

It was originally developed by Ericsson, it is currently used in different products by many different manufacturers. These manufacturers must be either promoter or associate members of the Bluetooth SIG before they are given early access to the Bluetooth specifications, however, published Bluetooth specifications are available online via the Bluetooth SIG official page (

It reports that the corporation has released a new audio codec that will make wireless headphones more efficient. To get the full detail, read the section beneath.

Listen To Bluetooth’s Low Power High-Quality LC3 Codec Coming Soon To Headphones

According to The Verge Bluetooth Special Interest Group has launched a new audio codec that promises to make wireless headphones more power-efficient while improving sound quality.

The low complexity communication codec, or LC3 for short, can transmit at much lower bitrates without as big a drop in audio quality as you see with Bluetooth’s standard, and much-maligned, SBC codec. However, the development of the new codec was initially announced back at CES 2020.

What does it mean to offer listenable audio at lower bitrates? the Bluetooth SIG says It simply means that headphones can use less power. This is particularly important for truly wireless earbuds, which have to strike a difficult balance between size, battery life, weight, and audio quality.

Furthermore, the LC3 lets audio to be transmitted at half the bitrate of SBC without suffering a big drop in audio quality. This increase in efficiency means earbuds can be less bulky thanks to using smaller batteries or can offer better battery life at the same size.

Comparison Between SBC And LC3

You can listen to the comparison on the Bluetooth website. You will find out and notice how SBC starts to sound crackly even at 192 kbps, while LC3 stills sound clear at 128 kbps. The LC3 starts to sound pretty rough at 96 kbps, but it’s a trade-off I’d be willing to accept for an ultra-small pair of workout earbuds.

LC3 is one of the new technologies coming as part of Bluetooth LE Audio. It is an umbrella term for a collection of new Bluetooth features that includes support for hearing aids and the ability to broadcast to an unlimited number of audio devices.

The LE Audio also has t ability to stream to two audio devices simultaneously, with the support for multi-stream audio. It helps when one wants to send an independent audio stream to each individual bud in a true wireless pair.

By default, Bluetooth sends info to one earbud, which then sends the audio to the other side.

The Bluetooth SIG said that companies have started developing products using the new LC3 codec, the Q&A posted on the website, says the product should be available next year.

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