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Macro Raises $4.3M To Make Zoom Calls More Interesting And Useful

The coronavirus pandemic has made the world to adopt online video meetings and conferences, to meet up with their schedules. That is why Macro Raises $4.3M To Make Zoom Calls More Interesting And Useful. According to Technologytimes Macro is a new FirstMark backed company, looking to capitalize on the capitalization. To Capitalism!

Macro is a native app that employs the zoom SDK to add depth and analysis to your daily work meetings. It comes with two modes, one focuses on collaboration while the other is an Arena or stadium mode. Read the section below for more details.

Macro Raises $4.3M To Make Zoom Calls More Interesting And Useful

There are two modes. Check out the full details about the modes and its uses

The first mode:

this mode is essentially focused on collaboration, which turns the usual Zoom meeting into a light overlay where folks are shown in small, circular bubbles at the top of the screen. The first mode is to be used when folks are working on a particular project like wireframe or a collaborative document.

It has a UI which is meant to like fade into the background, letting users to click on buttons or objects behind other attendees’ bubbles.

The Second mode

is an Arena or stadium mode, which is meant for hands-on meetings and presentations. It comes with two distinct features, the airtime and text input features.

The Airtime feature shows how much different participants have “had the floor’ for the past five minutes, thirty minutes, or in total during the meeting.

The text-input system on the right side of the UI that lets people enter questions, takeaways, action Items and Insights from the call.

More details About Macro Zoom Calls

According to TechCrunch

Macro automatically adds that text to a Google Doc and formats it into something instantly shareable. Thus, there is no hassle involved in getting macro up and running. However, when a user installs macro on their PC, they’re instantly loaded into Macro each time they click a Zoom link, whether it’s in an email, a calendar invite, or in Slack.

Macro co-founders John Keck and Ankith Harathi explained to TechCrunch that this isn’t your usual enterprise play. The product is free to use and, with the google doc export, is still useful even as a single-player product. However, the Google doc is auto-formatted with Macro messaging, explaining that it was compiled by the company with a link to the product.

That is to say, Harathi and Keck want to see individuals within organizations get Macro for themselves and let the product grow organically within an organization, instead of trying to sell large teams right off the bat.

“lots of collaborative productivity Salas applications require your whole team to switch over to get any value out of them, “said Harathi”. This is a big barrier, since so many new products are coming out and teams are constantly switching and that creates a lot of noise. Therefore, our plan was to ensure that one person can use this and get value out of it, and nobody else is affected.”

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