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Microsoft Exclusively Licenses OpenAI’s Groundbreaking GPT-3 Text Generation Model

Microsoft Exclusively Licenses OpenAI’s Groundbreaking GPT-3 Text Generation Model. According to the official Microsoft Blog, the foremost computing trend is artificial intelligence. Thus as the company develops the ability to deploy huge AI models at scale in a way they can be leveraged by all developers and businesses. However, Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually becoming an environment where people can build new experiences.

Microsoft Exclusively Licenses OpenAI's Groundbreaking GPT-3 Text Generation Model

So, to get the AI platform off the ground requires unprecedented computing horsepower. This may, they expanded upon their ongoing partnership with the world-leading AI research organization OpenAI to announce one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

OpenAI’s have announced their groundbreaking GPT-3 model- an autoregressive language model that outputs remarkably human-like text. The model happens to be the largest and most advanced language model in the world, clocking in at 175 billion parameters, and is trained on Azure’s AI supercomputer.

Microsoft Exclusively Licenses OpenAI’s Groundbreaking GPT-3 Text Generation Model

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s partnership with San Francisco-based-AI has been for years through OpenAI’s use of the Azure cloud computing platform. Azure is the means through which OpenAI accesses the vast computing resources it needs to train its models.

Ms made a $1 billion investment to become OpenAI’s exclusive cloud provider, a deal that now involves being the exclusive licensee for GPT-3.

OpenAI launches GPT-3, the third iteration of its ever-growing language model, in July. Also, the program and its prior iteration have helped to create some fascinating AI language experiments to date. Thus, it inspires vigorous debate around the ethics of powerful AI is programs which may be used for more vicious purposes. OpenAI initially refusing to publish research about the model with the fear of being misused.

OpenAI said in a blog “ Unlike most AI systems which are designed for one use case, OpenAI’s API today provides a general-purpose text in, test out the interface, allowing users to try it on any English language task. This model is the most powerful behind the API today, with 175 billion parameters.”

Kelvin Scott, Ms chief technology officer announced the deal in a blog post “We see this as an incredible opportunity to expand our Azure-powered AI platforms in a way that democratizes AI technology, enables new products, services, and experiences, and Increases the positive impact of AI at scale.” He continued “Our mission at Microsoft is to empower everyone and organization on the planet to achieve more, so we want to ensure that this AI platform is available to all. Including entrepreneurs, researchers, businesses, hobbyist-to empower their ambitions to create something new and interesting.”

OpenAI said that the deal has no impact on continued access to the GPT-3 model through OpenAI’s API. It’s existing and future users will keep building applications with our API as usual,” which does raise some interesting questions about what exactly Microsoft has acquired here. A Microsoft spokesperson tells The Verge that its exclusive license gives it unique access to the underlying code of GPT-3, which contains technical advancements it hopes to integrate into its products and services.

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