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Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Even Better With This Airbus Flight Stick

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is even better with this Airbus stick. Thrustmaster’s Airbus-branded Sidestick is an essential accessory especially for hardcore fans of flight Stimulators. There was a season that flight sticks, or more generic “joysticks,” were an essential PC gaming accessory. But Windows support for Xbox-style gamepads grew as the demand for games that stimulate aerial and space combat began to decrease. Now there are somehow niche products.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Even Better With This Airbus Flight Stick

However, with the introduction of the Microsoft Flight Stimulator, it may change this year as the launch of the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Even Better With This Airbus Flight Stick

The Microsoft Flight Stimulator launch this August 5020, is an upgrade for the series. It will be available to anyone on Xbox Game Pass. Later this fall, meanwhile, Star Squadrons promises to re-create the tense space battles of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games from the ‘90s.

The Thrustmaster’s new $69.99 Airbus-branded Sidestick, which has been testing for a while, will be a popular choice. (Its full name is the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition). It’s designed as a 1:1 replica of the sidestick used in the Airbus A320 it is a famous differentiator from Boeing’s traditional yokes and it works with Microsoft Flight Simulator right out of the box without any need for setup.

“I wouldn’t describe the Sidestick as a premium product, as it does feel a little plasticky in places. But overall, I was impressed with the price. The base is solid enough, the movement of the stick itself is convincing, and it’s just vastly more satisfying to use than a gamepad.” Says Sam Byford, The Verge.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus Flight Stick Description

The Sidestick is not lacking in input options or customizability. There are 12 buttons on the base and four on the stick, as well as an 8-way hat switch (for looking around the cockpit), a twist lock, and a throttle slider that can be configured to serve as an extra “button” at the bottom of its throw.

The stick also ships with swappable side buttons that let you set it up as the right or left seat of an airliner based on where you place the wider red button module, or you can go with the narrow or wide options on both sides.

The throttle slider is the Sidestick’s biggest weak point. It feels flimsy, and the markings on the stick’s base don’t do much to help you gauge positioning. It does the job, though, and if you want to upgrade down the line, this Sidestick is compatible with Thrustmaster’s TCA ecosystem of pedals and throttles.

“I can’t claim to be experienced in the mechanics of flying actual planes, but I can say that Microsoft Flight Simulator feels infinitely more convincing with this Thrustmaster Sidestick than an Xbox gamepad. The way it provides more resistance and gives you finer control over three axes of movement in the air is really not something you can replicate with a little thumbstick. A stick like this, if not this specific one, should be considered essential for Flight Simulator.” Says Sam Byford, The Verge.

“In preparation for Star Wars: Squadrons, I also went back and tested the Sidestick with some old games like TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance, and it worked great, despite being ostensibly designed for simulating civil aviation. These Star Wars games relied heavily on keyboard controls back in the day even if you did have a joystick, but the Sidestick’s banks of programmable buttons are useful for things like managing shields and laser power on the fly.” Read more on this article by clicking this link.

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