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Microsoft’s New-look Xbox Dashboard Is Rolling out This Week

Microsoft’s new-look Xbox dashboard is rolling out this week. According to, the new Xbox will run on all console. The October update for Xbox is arriving this week, it’s formed with all the taste of the next generation. Microsoft has announced that a new dashboard design is rolling out to Xbox consoles as part of the latest update, and it’ll also run on the Xbox Series X and Series S when they launch next month. Let’s see more information on this article Microsoft’s New-look Xbox Dashboard Is Rolling out This Week.

Microsoft’s New-look Xbox Dashboard Is Rolling out This Week

Microsoft’s New-look Xbox Dashboard Is Rolling out This Week

This new UX was first shown off in August. Microsoft says the home screen loads 50 percent faster on boot and 30 percent faster when exiting a game, with 40 percent less memory required on the Series X. It’s not clear if owners of older consoles like the One S should expect performance improvements, though.

According to The Verge the Xbox has designed 360 one series x console dashboard. The layout isn’t hugely different, but there have been tweaks to elements like the Guide and the games library, and visually it’s now a closer match following other Xbox products like the Xbox app for Windows. You can now customize your profile with themes, too, and Microsoft has reshuffled the layout for new users to highlight features like Game Pass and the store.

The Xbox New Console Update

The update is not really a big one, but then Microsoft’s last big overhaul was just this past February. Microsoft does have a penchant for radically redesigning its Xbox multiple times each generation, so who knows how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will end up looking like this. For now, though, you can get a head start on its interface by updating your old console.

All the other visual changes look way better, for sure. There is increased spacing, the transparent frosted glass texture, the tiny beveling on the buttons/tiles. Also, the variety in font weights, the redesigned icons are better than what we have in Win10 now.

For over 15 years, users have been used to the Metro’s hard edges on MS products. So the rounded corners will  take a little before getting used to it, just like macOS for a bit,

We are still waiting for this update, whenever the heck it comes out. Users will be happy that they are finally getting a desperately needed sense of design unity after years of inconsistency. For more information on this article, Microsoft’s New-look Xbox Dashboard Is Rolling out This Week click on this link

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