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Naira Rain At Buhari’s Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Debate

Naira Rain At Buhari’s Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Debate. At President Buhari’s daughter’s wedding comes this new video that is now viral showing guest spraying money at the event. However, there is a viral video of guests spraying money at the wedding of the President’s daughter, Hanan Buhari, and Turad Sha’aban it has brought about a heated debate on social media.

Naira Rain At Buhari’s Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Debate

Also, another event of a public officer’s Son’s wedding relating to spraying of money finally brought out this debate. It comes less than two months after another viral video showed the son of the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abdulazeez Malami, being sprayed with money at his wedding in Kebbi State.

Naira Rain At Buhari’s Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Debate

The current video is captioned, ‘Naira Rain at Hanan Buhari’s wedding’, was posted on social media by Sahara Reporters and had attracted nearly 3,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday 6 September 2020. Hanan is seen dancing with the bridegroom while several persons throw naira notes at them at their wedding event.

However, it has become traditional spraying of naira notes at social functions in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria had not too long ago warned against the practice, stating that it violates Section 21 of the CBN Act 2007 and attracts a jail term of six months or N50,000. The police, acting on the orders of the CBN had also arrested and paraded persons caught selling new naira notes at party venues.

Different Comments From this Debate

But some Nigerians said it was ironic that such blatant spraying of naira notes could happen at the Presidential Villa. Comment on Facebook by Sylvester Grassland read, “When they spray money they are secured but when others do they remember the laws and respect for naira.” Another Facebook user, Benjamin Ebeshi, stated, “Spraying Naira notes in the Villa? What happened to the CBN law prohibiting the spraying of Naira notes in Nigeria? Lawless people!”

Another comment by Dare Olowookere, “Spraying of naira notes is an offense. CBN spent millions of naira every year for the campaign against naira abuse, here the first family children disobeying the law. “The CBN Governor might even be at this party. Truly Nigeria is a contradiction under this regime.”

Also, Mr. Babatunde Alexander Michael comment, “Moral lesson: Don’t give laws if you cannot follow it strictly, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander (sic). October 2018, the CBN announced that any Nigerian who sprays Naira notes at parties risks a six-month jail term or N50,000 fine.”However, some defended the act, stating that it was normal practice at weddings. They said even though it was in contravention of the CBN Act, it was a minor infraction and ought to be overlooked.

According to Baffa Garba, “I don’t see anything wrong here. It’s just naira and of course, N200 notes even an ordinary marriage may have better than this, they are both from the big background they have friends and relatives who can do it .”A comment by Njinma Sharon read, “Even the poorest wedding in Nigeria, money is sprayed, then think of the first family. I have no business with them even spraying dollars. But let it not be public funds.”

Olatunji Olusegun wrote, “There is nothing special in spraying money even common man in Nigeria does and they are entitled to this as well. This is the bride and groom’s time irrespective of who they are, so, personally I am not against it.”

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