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Predict The President 2020: Will Trump Or Biden Win The US Election? You Decide

Predict The President 2020: Will Trump Or Biden Win The US Election? You Decide. According to BBC, the 2020 presidential election could come down to results in just a few key states. Most states are tipped to vote one way or the other. So 188 votes were assigned to Trump and Biden 233.

Predict The President 2020: Will Trump Or Biden Win The US Election?

The question here is will Biden be able to wrestle enough away to seize the presidency? Or will President Trump romp home to a second term? It is all about the race to 270 electoral votes and this time you decide. The article will reveal and select the winner in major states to predict the next US president.

Predict The President 2020: Will Trump Or Biden Win The US Election? You Decide

Take a look at the votes and who won in the major states in order to predict the winner.

Wisconsin votes 10: in 2016 president Trump won a surprise victory in Wisconsin in 2016 by a small margin. Mainly by appealing to rural areas and working-class white women. However, this same group of voters helped to elect a democratic state governor two years later and Mr. Biden is currently ahead in the polls.

Arizona- votes 11: Trump scooped the traditionally Republican state in 2016, but his 4% lead was a lot smaller than those enjoyed by Republican candidates in previous elections. Currently, pollsters are forecasting Mr. Trump will lose to Biden. The state has a growing Latino population and an increasing number of rich city dwellers, who tend to vote democrat. However, the state has been badly affected by a coronavirus, so voters who think the president did not handle the crises well may want change.

But the wall along the state’s southern border with Mexico the president built and a crackdown on visas for foreign workers could still play with voters.

North Carolina- votes 15:  the state was a stronghold before Obama won with a narrow margin in 2008. The blue blip victory of voting red suggests that a Democratic victory is not of the cards completely.

Trump and Biden have shelled out millions in advertising to try to capture the state, where Biden is leading in the polls.

It is the first state to start early voting by post and record numbers of requests for postal votes have flooded in. And more than half of them registered democrats.

Michigan- Votes 16:in 2016 president Trump squeaked out a win here with just a 0.3% lead on Clinton. The traditional democratic, working-class state bucked a 28-year trend to elect Trump after he promised trade deals to benefit manufacturing.

Biden says he has a deep personal connection to Detroit and often visited Michigan as VP. He also considered popular Michigan governor Gretchen as his running mate. Biden is seen as a strong moderate candidate, the type that has always done well in Michigan.

Pennsylvania-Votes 20: a few years ago lots of Western Pennsylvania voted to preserve their way of life, which is reliant on the energy industry, and flipped the traditional democratic state for Trump. He promised protection from Democratic promises to re-form coal mining and fracking. The question is, has Trump delivered?

Since the pandemic struck, unemployment has hovered in double digits. Biden who was born in Scranton, known for being the home of Dunder Mifflin paper company. Biden has long been a familiar face and that personal touch might carry him to victory.

Florida votes 29: the result in Florida is difficult to call due to its population is diverse and ever-shifting. The state’s large Cuban population leans Republican, but they tend to live in some of the most democratic counties of the states. Pensioners from other states continue to retire to Florida, and they turn out to vote in droves.

Younger voters who tend to lean democratic, are multiplying. And suburban voters across the state has been shifting slowly away from the Republican party.

Georgia-votes 16: the state has solidly Republican in all but two presidential elections since 1960. Biden’s campaign team believes he may have a shot. They’re betting on support from black voters, who make up at least a quarter of all registered voters in the state.

When it comes to health-related issues, Biden polls far better than Trump. Black lives matter protests have gripped national news this year and youth have often led protests outside major cities. But Trump pitches himself as the law and order candidate, which could carry weight amongst white, conservative Georgians, who usually drive the state’s result. Although it all depends on who shows up on election day.

How The Above States Were Picked

The election system of the US, the state-level results is what counts. Each of the states has a number of electoral votes, based on population, and lots of reliably vote the same way each time.

Real Clear Politics and The Cook political report, publish lists of states grouped by how they are expected to vote on election night. Some states are classified as “toss-ups” which means they could be won by either side. We chose seven key states from those toss-ups which have enough electoral votes to sway the final outcome and where we expect the battle to be fought most closely. In 2016 Trump won in all of them.

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