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Redmi G Gaming Laptop To Launch On August 14

Redmi G Gaming Laptop To Launch On August 14. Redmi is a sub-brand of the Xiaomi company. It expanded it’s products from smartphones and trying to increase product categories, by going into the laptop market. However, the organization will be launching its first gaming laptop known as the “Redmi G Gaming Notebook” in China on August.

Redmi G Gaming Laptop To Launch On August 14

The company has displayed the pictures of the laptop design across, to announce it’s launching. The notebook is all set to be launch in the company’s home time which is China. The time for the launch event is at 02:00 PM local time. You might be wondering how the Notebook will look like or what are its features are. Do not worry you will get to learn more about the device and some of its features in this article.

Redmi G Gaming Laptop to Launch on August 14

Xiaomi has also introduced its dedicated gaming laptop lineup, as a Redmi’s parental company, Redmi seems to be following its steps. After splitting from its parental company, it has been doing great in launching smartphones. Confirming the launch of a gaming notebook device is really a huge improvement for the company. Based on the image shared by the company, you will be able to know what it should look like. Read below for the laptop features.

Redmi G Gaming Laptop Features

The following are what the G gaming device comes with or what it will look like.

  • It comes with an all-black color theme
  • The team has a matte finish.
  • The device has a thin bezel at the sides (right/left)
  • It has a slightly thicker bezel on the top and a thicker bezel at the chin.
  • Just like other devices, it seems there’s a cooling fan on the sides of the fuselage.
  • It also has a USB port alongside the headphone jack.
  • The device comes with a large-sized keyboard

Currently, nothing related to this device configuration is known. So, we are yet to see more features of the device and also try to see it’s different from the Xiaomi gaming laptop.

However, to know more about the device wait until the launch day. Both it’s variants, pricing, specifications will be reviewed as soon as the launch takes place.

About Redmi

Redmi is a sub-brand owned by the Chinese company Xiaomi. In July 2013 it was first announced as a budget smartphone line, in 2019 it became a sub-brand of Xiaomi with entry-level and mid-range devices. While parental company produces upper-range and flagship Mi phones. Xiaomi also has a gaming laptop (Mi gaming Laptop), currently Redmi will be launching a G gaming laptop on the 14 August in China.

For more update visit their official page

Other Redmi’s Model

Xiaomi has models such as RedmiBook 14, RedmiBook 14 Pro, and RedmiBook 13 Ryzen edition. You can also check out the “mi gaming laptop” launched by Xiaomi.

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