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SMEDA Increases R&D Activities Aim To Plan SME Sector Development

SMEDA Increases R&D Activities Aim To Plan SME Sector Development. SME Sector, SMEDA has Increased it’s research and development activities aimed at planning the development of SMEDA in the country with the best global practices. According to, SMEDA is short for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority. The organization is a premier institution of the government of Pakistan under the ministry of industries and production. It was founded in October 1998 with the aim of taking on the challenge of developing small and medium enterprises in Pakistan.

SMEDA Increases R&D Activities Aim To Plan SME Sector Development

However, with the futuristic approach and professional management structure, it has focused on providing an enabling platform and business development services to SMEs. Apart from being an SME policy advisory body for the government of Pakistan, it also facilitates other stakeholders in addressing their SME development agendas. Their vision is the “ growth of global competitive SME sector, through a conducive environment and support services, serving as an engine of sustainable growth for the national economy.”

For more on SMEDA Increases R&D Activities Aim To Plan SME Sector Development, read the section beneath.

SMEDA Increases R&D Activities Aim To Plan SME Sector Development

According to Technologytimes

Small Medium Enterprises sector, for this purpose, initiated a “knowledge sharing program” within the organization. And under which SMEDA SME experts have been assigned to study current international research reports and share them with other team members in the form of presentations during weekly knowledge sharing sessions at SMEDA head office.

While the SMEDA Policy & Planning Division has been assigned to coordinate the activity on a regular basis. Moreover, SMEDA team members working in regional and provincial offices will be able to attend knowledge sharing using Zoom.

According to the press offered by SMEDA, being an apex body of Parkistan for SME development in the country, the organization needs to keep itself abreast of the latest R&D taking place around the world on SME development.

Moreover, “the main aim for the knowledge sharing activity is to inculcate a habit of reading books, research, and new info among the team members. This is to support internal capacity for providing better service to the country’s SME sector,” said a spokesperson of SMEDA.

SMEDA  Objectives

Here are the objectives of Small and Medium Enterprises authority

  • To formulate policy to encourage the growth of SMEs and to advise the government on the fiscal and monetary issues related to SMEs.
  • To strengthen SMEs by conducting and facilitating seminars, workshops, and training programs.
  • Facilitation of business development services to small and medium enterprises.
  • To set up and manage a service provider’s database including machinery and supplier for SMEs.
  • Facilitation of Small and Medium Enterprises in securing financing.
  • To identify service opportunities on the basis of supply/demand gap
  • To facilitate the development and strengthening of SME representative bodies association/chambers.
  • Donor assistance for SMEs development of SMEs through programs and projects.
  • To help in conducting sector studies and analysis for sector development strategies.
  • To assist Small and Medium Enterprises in getting international certifications (such as CE, UL, JIS, KS, DIN, ASME, etc) for their products and processes.

The above list is the major aim of SMEDA.

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