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The OnePlus 8T Might Make 120Hz Refresh Rate Phones More Affordable

The OnePlus 8T Might Make 120Hz Refresh Rate Phones More Affordable. OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in December 2013 by Pete Lau and Carl Pei. It officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world as of July 2018.

The OnePlus 8T Might Make 120Hz Refresh Rate Phones More Affordable

However, they have launched lots of phones, amongst other products. Currently, the company is majority-owned by Oppo as its only shareholder, which is a subsidiary of Vivo along with Realme and BBK Electronics.

Moreover, the two companies (Oppo and OnePlus) deny OnePlus is a subsidiary and maintain they are independent companies, though, OnePlus confirmed that it makes use of Oppo’s manufacturing line and shares part of the supply chain resource with Oppo.

OnePlus has released numerous phones which include, OnePlus 1,2,3,3T,5,5T,6,6T,7,7pro,7T, 7T pro, 8 and 8pro. The company is preparing to announce the 8T model, which is said might make a 120Hz refresh rate phone more affordable. So, to get the whole detail, read beneath.

The OnePlus 8T Might Make 120Hz Refresh Rate Phones More Affordable

According to The Verge, it looks like OnePlus might finally make 120Hz smartphone more affordable because its upcoming OnePlus 8T will include a higher refresh rate- confirmed by the company.

Thus, the T-series of OnePlus phones typically serve as a half-step between its numbered phones, but bring premium features from the company’s Pro models, just like the 120Hz screen, to a more affordable price. Last year, the same thing happened with OnePlus 7T, bringing the OnePlus 7 Pro’s 80Hz screen to $599.

Though we don’t have an idea of how much the 8T model will cost, 120Hz screens typically come at a premium. Thus, the 8 pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S20 each cost $1,000, to begin with- gaming phones like Asus’ $900 ROG phone II and the $800 Razer Phone 2 also have 120Hz screens, but to go cheaper you will have to find a sale. Not minding that Apple is no launching a phone with a 120Hz yet, its iPad Pro model with the higher refresh rate also costs $800.

Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO told TechRadar that the 8T’s screen will dominate the front of the handset with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.9%. to compare it- the 8Pro’s display takes up 90.8% of the phone, the 8 model takes up 88.7%, while the Nord’s display takes up 86.7%.

The CEO also claims that the 8T screen can hit 1,100 nuts, so if you are using your phone and it is exceptionally bright outside, you probably won’t be squinting your eyes trying to respond to a text message in a brightly-lit area. Though, that’s only slightly more than the 7T’s 1000 nits.

OnePlus Plans To Announce The 8T Model

The company plans to announce the 8T model on 14th October. Though it is yet to confirm the type of specs the phone will have. But Android Central reported that the phone’s battery will be a little bigger at 4,500mAh, compared to the OnePlus 8’s 4,300mAh battery.

A source told the publication that the 8T model has a Snapdragon 865+ processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and four cameras on the back; 24-megapixel primary, 5-megapixel macro, 16- megapixel wide-angle module, and 2-megapixel portraits lens.

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