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Twitter Now Let’s Everyone Limit Replies To Their Tweets

Twitter Now Let’s Everyone Limit Replies To Their Tweets. This is currently Twitter’s new feature released just a few days ago. Twitter is like a big hub, but it does not mean that users should do things disorderly. Engage in meaningless conversation, so as to minimize the level of such conversation thus the new feature. However, for those who do not have a fair knowledge of Twitter and what it’s about, then let’s attempt to define Twitter.

Twitter Now Let’s Everyone Limit Replies To Their Tweets

Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system that enhances the sending and receiving of short messages known as tweets. These tweets are short messages up to 140 characters maximum. It may include links to other websites and resources.

Twitter Now Let’s Everyone Limit Replies To Their Tweets

To enhance more mature conversations that are seen on Twitter and to assist people to check and push out abuse and spam, the company announces that they are bringing out a feature that will limit the replies to tweets

This week’s feature has been through testing on beta. Today, this feature is launched globally to users on the iOS and Android apps and also on their official website

However, the whole idea of limiting replies o tweet is to put control over indiscipline. It is setting parameters around those who can reply helping the poster to reduce abusive or incessant replies. Or limit replies to this keep the conversation on track. Especially those tweeting on sensitive issues like political topics are classical scenes that bring out tools. Also, those broadcasting a conversation with a particular group with the intention of making that conversation publicly viewed can now do it without interruption.

Twitter Limiting to Replies To their Tweet Icon

The limiting replies to the tweet icon is a new feature introduced by Twitter a few days ago. This is as the result of having abusive words and others in the discipline in the social media platform. However, using this icon will restrict people’s comments on other users’ tweets. The icon is a small icon that will be seen at the button of your tweet. If you do not put it on, everyone will still have access to reply to your tweet on a default. If turn on you will limit replies to only those who follow you or just to those you tag in the tweet itself.

Also, it has a third option which does not allow for a reply at all. It will just remain like a broadcast without replies. These options are only for those with open accounts. But those that have locked who can view their replies are disapproved at default. And it cannot replace the option of hiding replies that was launched by Twitter last year according to TechCrunch.

When you activate the tweet limit replies icon, those who cannot reply will see a grey-out icon. But they can still view retweet, tweet with comments, and “like” the tweets.

Twitter Limiting to Replies To their Tweet Feedback from Beta

Before the introduction of these features on twitter was launched, it was tested on beta. The responses have been tremendous. According to TechCrunch, those that use this feature said they it is very comfortable and protected from abuse and spam. However, individuals that are limited from replying directly can still tweet with a comment, and they can still add any comment.

The concept for limiting was announced back from January at CES by Kay on Beykpour, Twitter’s VP of product. The feature was formally launched to roll out in a limited test in May. The version that is getting turned on today looks just like that.

Twitter keeps bringing in new features to make its platform more matured and less the abusive acts. Last year the brought up features that turn on the ability to hide replies just to reduce the amount of noise on the platform. Over the years, Twitter has improved the process for reporting harassment this includes updates and tests around harmful language, blocking people, and muting people.

Also, Twitter has been making much effort to improve detecting and helping users to report original tweets that are abusive, fake news, discriminatory, and others.

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