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US Election 2020: When Will We Get A Result For The US Election?

US Election 2020: When Will We Get A Result For The US Election?. According to BBC, twenty years ago Americans woke up on an autumn morning after Election Day and dis not know who would lead the country next.

US Election 2020: When Will We Get A Result For The US Election?

It took 36 more days to resolve the contest between George Bush and AI Gore as the country held it’s breath.  That prospect might happen again in 2020. Do you know why?  The pandemic has made lots of people to be afraid to vote in person because in the US that often means waiting for hours in a queue.

Millions of people will vote by post and there are fears it could take days or weeks to count them all, leaving the outcome on a knife-edge.

US Election 2020: When Will We Get A Result For The US Election?

What are those things that usually happen on election night?

Each state stops voting at different times. Thus the first polls to close are on the east coast, at about 19.00 local time (00:00 GMT), and after that, you will start getting a running total as votes in those states are counted.

However, The president is not picked by winning a national vote. No, instead it’s a series of the state-wide race with the winner in each state taking a certain number of what’s known as electoral college votes.

A state is called for a candidate when a media outlet believes one candidate has an insurmountable lead. It is a projection, not a final result.

When the whole election is called for a candidate, it is not the official result because there are still more votes to count.

Further, an election is usually called at night, followed by a choreographed response including a concession speech from the losing candidate. Perhaps not this year.

In 2016 the election was called for Trump at about 02:30 EST(07:30GMT) after winning Wisconsin put him over the 270 thresholds of electoral college votes.

In the following weeks or days, more democratic votes were counted which meant Hillary Clinton stretched her lead in the nationwide popular vote but the electoral college was already lost.

Unprecedented Volume Of Postal Ballots

The most common way American voters cast ballots is standing in a queue at a polling center on election day, but recently voting by mail has Increased in Popularity.

However, it was previously not uncommon for states to restrict voting by post to special circumstances, such as being a soldier who was serving abroad. But now the practice is widely permitted in a majority of states, whether one is an absentee voter or for any other reason.

Further, in 20200, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted an unprecedented number of requests from voters to cast votes by post.

Some 80m mail-in ballots are predicted to be cast twice the number in 2016 and over any other election year.

The major concern about this method is whether the volume of ballots deliveries will delay everything. Thus, the fear is not due to the large volume of ballots to count. But also due to the US postal service undergoing cutbacks at a time when it has a big responsibility.

Firstly, it has to post upload ballot papers out to people, and then it has to send them back again to election authorities, all before deadlines set by the states.

How Postal Votes Are Counted

There is wide latitude over determine election rules, including setting a deadline for the vote to qualify.

Pennsylvania will include states that received by 20:00 local time on Election Day while California accepts votes as long as they are postmarked by the date, even when it gets there a week later. That’s why to counter on the huge west coast takes a long period of time.

This pattern of vote casting (postal ballot) counting takes longer because each vote must have a signature that matches with a separate autograph on a registered card.

Also, with twice the number of postal ballots expected, that process alone will add time to the count.

However, some states like Florida will start processing the postal votes before election day, like verifying signatures and start counting them on the election day morning.

Most states like Washington DC do not begin to count them until the person voting is over and polls have closed.

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