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Why A College Degree Is Worthless

Do you want to know Why A College Degree Is Worthless? A lot of people have been wanting to know the answer to the question “ is a degree worthless and why?” with the high cost of college tuition, job scarcity, student loan debt and more, lots of graduates are wondering if getting a degree is worthwhile. The more people keep graduating, the more it becomes more difficult to secure a job. That’s why it seems like a college degree is useless. After graduating from school, without anything to show for it can be really frustrating.

Why A College Degree Is Worthless

However, organizations and employers are now looking for people with a higher degree. For instance, if two college graduates and 1 master’s degree holder applies for a job, who do you think has a higher chance of getting the job? The master’s degree holder. The world has become a competitive labor market, where you need extra skills or qualifications in order to stand out among peers.

Why A College Degree Is Worthless

There are several reasons why a college degree appears to be useless in the world today. Let’s look at some of the reasons according to Medium.

  • Little to no improvement in critical thinking skills
  • Trade schools and self-study offer
  • Invading of shouting matches across campuses
  • Tuition increases but decreases of future earning

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Graduates Have Little To No Improvement In Critical Thinking Skills

According to the WSJ, most schools were not able to make a cohesive argument, assess the quality of evidence in a document or interpret data in a table. The outcome was the worse in large flagship schools: at some of the flagship universities, test results indicate the average graduate shows little or no improvement in critical thinking.

The two major mechanisms for college graduates to earn higher is by its degree or by learning new skills. The CLA+ results show that lots of students are not actually learning valuable skills in college. Which makes it more difficult to get a job after graduation. Because no employer or organization wants to employ someone without the required skills.

Trade Schools And Self-study Offer

Trade schools and self-study offer better outcomes for lots of people. Most people who drop out of college are doing well. There are also lots of people out there who skip college in order to pursue their business ideas. Some people even go for trade schools, which requires less tuition and time while graduates are left with a particular set of skills. This is one of the reasons a college degree appears to be useless.

Tuition Increase, but a Decrease of Future Earnings

While tuition keeps rising across the country, the prospective earnings of graduates aren’t keeping up. However, there are many variations across colleges and majors, but the latest trend is that the returns to a four-year degree are reducing.  That is to say, with just a bachelor’s degree you won’t earn more

Other Reasons Why A College Degree Is Worthless

Lifehack has stated some of the reasons why a bachelor’s degree is worthless. Below are the reasons presented by  Lifehack.

  • Due to Academic inflation. More people are graduating yearly and most just that used to need only a bachelor’s degree now prefer a master’s degree.
  • The illusion of safety.
  • The source of creativity
  • Drowning in debt due to student loans.
  • Lack of proper education. Most professors don’t care about the education of their students, that’s why some graduate can’t represent well in their fields of study. Some professors grade marks based on curves.

The above are reasons why a college degree is worthless. So to keep up with the society you need to keep upgrading by getting higher degrees. Because this will give you a higher chance of getting a job, unlike a college degree. So, if you already have a bachelor’s degree, proceed for a higher degree like a master’s and PhD. It will help you secure your ground in getting the most out of your certificate.

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