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Xbox Series X And S Preorders Are Basically Sold Out-For Now

Xbox Series X And S Preorders Are Basically Sold Out-For Now. According to Wikipedia the Xbox series X and S are upcoming home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. There are scheduled to be launched on 10th November 2020, as the fourth generation of the Xbox console family, succeeding Xbox One.

Xbox Series X And S Preorders Are Basically Sold Out-For Now

Rumors regarding the consoles initially came up in early 2019, with the line as a whole codenamed Scarlett, and consisting of high-end and low-end models codenamed “Anaconda and Lockhart respectively. Series X design and name were revealed during the game award in December while the series S was unveiled in September 2020.

However, Ms is prioritizing hardware performance, including support for higher display resolutions and frame rates, real-time ray tracing, and use of high-speed solid-state drive to reduce loading times, on the series X. The series S makes use of the same CPU and reduced GPU, internal storage and memory, and lacks an optical drive.

The preorders of the series X and S are reported to be sold out. The verge blog has the news in detail. Read below for details

Xbox Series X And S Preorders Are Basically Sold Out-For Now

According to The Verge, the earlier wave of preorders for the Xbox series X and S has sold out at all major retailers. Definitely, there are chances that you will find one in stock if you click through one of the links on the preorders guide.

If you want to order a console earlier today, there was a decent chance that you were actually able to get that done. So Ms plan for giving retailers and people plenty of time to prepare for preorders to start seems to have worked, at least up against the previous week’s surprisingly disastrous Sony PS5 preorder process, which started like a supreme drop than a launch from an established tech company.

Microsoft Official Time To Start Preorders

The official time to begin preorders for the consoles was 11 am ET. But all the sites did not come online at the same time, which is going against the expectations of everyone who was told to show up ready to buy at that time. Amazon and BestBuy did not switch on preorders until after one hour, and Amazon still has not begun to sell the Xbox series S for whatever reason.

Moreover, GameStop initiated a queue that stopped everyone from proceeding to place a preorder until they were allowed in an orderly fashion. It asked users to refrain from refreshing as to not lose their spot in line. Zach Gage wrote on Twitter that it might have been a spoof; the queue page refreshed, albeit at a more measured cadence so their servers wouldn’t buckle. Zach Gage also said that opening the site in a different browser got through to the preorders at the time.

According to Gage, his colleague Tom Warren in the UK said that getting a console this morning was a relative breeze. A few of his other US colleagues were able to snag a series X and S without much issue. Though it seems like you were not quick enough to click links today, you might have missed out.

Will There Be Xbox series X and S Preorders In the Future?

He said there would likely be more X and S units available for Preorders in the future, but no one other than Ms and retailers can say whether that’s actually true.

Over the weekend, Sony fessed up over its lousy PS5 preorder debacle, which confirms that it would make more consoles available to people who didn’t have luck during that nightmare that makes black Friday seem chill. But don’t think that Microsoft should feel like it needs to do the same after the preorders started up.

Xbox Twitter says that it’s humbled by the demand. The solutions for getting a console ahead of the release day, it suggests registering for emails from retailers, ending with “expect more consoles to be available on November 10.”

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