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Xbox xCloud: How Does Game Pass Streaming Work?

Xbox xCloud: How Does Game Pass Streaming Work? According to BBC Microsoft is about to release a game streaming service that will let subscribers play top-end Xbox games on mobile phones. It’s in essence a Netflix design service for video games, which many to experts think will be the future of gaming. However, the hefty monthly fee and the fact that it will not work on Apple’s iPhones will be obstruction for the experiment.

Xbox xCloud: How Does Game Pass Streaming Work?

What prompted Microsoft to do this? Earlier in 2020, Microsoft said it had about 90m subscribers playing on it’s basic Xbox Gold service and it hoping to push as many as possible into the higher bracket. Also, lots of people will buy a console anyway- they are usually cheaper than building a high-end gaming PC.

In this article, you will find out why you can’t use it on the iPhone, how it works, where to play the game etc. So to get the full details of the Xbox xCloud game, ensure you read to the end.

Xbox xCloud: How Does Game Pass Streaming Work?

The game streaming has been tested for months under “project xCloud” but currently is now rolled into the top tier of Microsoft’s subscription games service, Xbox game pass. The game is set to be released on 15 September, but Microsoft told The Verge that a beta test would be launched on 11 August, with up to 30 of the promised 100+ games that will come with the full service.

Microsoft claims the beta will be in the same 22 countries the main service is coming to, which includes the UK. However, gamers will need to be an Xbox game pass ultimate subscribers to partake, and also download the beta version of the app from the play store. They will also need an Xbox controller that connects to their phone through Bluetooth.

How Does It Work?

Subscribers can just pick the game they want to play without installing anything, instead of needing a powerful PC or games console.

Tabs clicked from the Xbox controller are sent directly to the data center miles away. And also, the game audio and video is sent back. All this happens almost instantly over a fast internet connection. Moreover, those with a low-speed internet connection may run into problems such as stuttering gameplay, blocky graphics, or jumpy. At times even with a high-speed connection, some little delay exists that can make playing fast-paced competitive shooting games much harder.

Where Can I Play Xbox Game Pass

Subscribers can play games on an Android phone or PC without the need of an Xbox. The PC only version of the game pass does not come with the streaming feature. The company has been allowing PC gamers to play Xbox games for some time now. Thus, the latest Gears of War game might be an Xbox exclusive in the past but was available windows PCs this time around.

Why Can’t I Play On iPhone?

After reading the above paragraph, you might be wondering why the iPhone can’t be used to play the game. Apple says that its rules are very strict on apps that contain other apps or look like a store. The company said that every video game included in the Xbox game pass should be submitted for review individually.

Microsoft says Apple is the only main platform to refuse customers from cloud gaming and says it will keep trying.

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